Ashley Woodsen Bailey

Oh, how I love thee.

Fun fun happenings here at Trot/Locke home.

My cup overflows with –


Fullness of work.

Excitement for projects and new friend/clients.

New collaborations.

So thankful.

Following are a few snaps of new arrivals, kitchen island ideas, floor coverings and such.


Just want to keep staring. This piece is called



 So hard to choose from any of Ashley’s pieces, but this one resonated most. Originally thought I would hang on the wall in our bar area…

This may need to make its way to Surrey Hill.


Speaking of.

I like to sit here.

 So simple, comfortable, lake house-y.


Guilhermes Home Studio


My idea from the onset in the lake house (IF we decide to totally renovate) was to have one GINORMOUS island that was made out of a GINORMOUS

Old table.

Stovetop. Sink.

I promise from the bottom of my heart I had not seen this.

SO glad I found this space. Absolutely awesome.

I know not a totally original idea, but so fun to find others thinking outside the box.

Sometimes I feel like I am a bit off the reservation.

Oh well.


Isn’t this just great?!


Really really great.


House and Garden

This is stunning. I forgot I had pinned this a while back.

A little too nice for the lake, but the concept I love.



 I found similar rugs on Etsy and purchased WAY back when Pup ruined every rug in my house.


What’s not to love…???



They are beautiful, but were not the right fit.

To return or not to return?

I tucked them away hoping they might find a home with a client or… find a spot in a Locke lake home.



We do not have hard wood floors here, so considering sanding down or painting sub floors, and tossing these beauties on top.

All depending on budget of course and long term plans.

Dream and scheme.


Sacramento street

I work. I promise I really do. I do not just dream………

Working on a few projects this week – heading to Charlotte tomorrow – Project 658 has some more work that needs to be done, so scheming and hoping to complete their smaller event space soon.

The above image caught my eye, as the lighting is a perfect fit for their space.

Tables are being built by the wonderful team from Carolina farmstead

Cannot say enough about Natalie and her husband and staff.

Outstanding people.

That’s it for now.

Packing. Dreaming. Scheming.

Always ALWAYS more to come.

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