Been a while since I last posted. When we head to Charlotte to visit the boys, I get a bit behind, though WELL WORTH IT!  Few things on the brain:

 Merchants on Broadway. post in process. you will love this place.

merchants 1

‘member this? wanted to share…


now it’s this…


form and function.


looking for a good coffee/espresso maker. that will not cost me $$$’s. this is a beaut.


oh happiness.

coffee yellow

to go next to my yummies.


this area was incomplete for domino shoot. looking to add this:


or this. love brass, but there is such a thing as too much.

ladder 2

this was inspiration for the other side of my sorta butler’s pantry.

locke inspiration

smaller area, but love. ng collective art. xo.


have some work to do, put it on  T H E L I S T.


ok, that’s the fun check in.

The serious check in involves the state of our world. smooth (abrupt) transition. cannot possibly address it all, but my heart is so heavy as i think about: ukraine, russia, israel, gaza, police shootings, ebola victims, our border, kidnapping/trafficking, robin williams. barely scratching surface. these issues are far more pressing then my design ideas, and often i need to stop and get perspective. so very thankful i get to do what i do, but always need to be mindful of what is happening outside my doors. praying.

images//Gaia Repossi-paris apartment/Domaine home/

4 responses to “Checking in.”

  1. Kelly, I really appreciate your kind words! It is easy to forget, at least for me, all that is happening around me when I focus in on just the things or people I like/love. Trying to find the balance! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

  2. Can’t stop looking at the Domino shoot of your house! Would you mind telling me where I could find a fabulous convex mirror (within a square) like the one in your office/living area? Also in the photo above with the blue leather sofa and huge brass library ladder, who makes the white coffee table. I share your eclectic sensibilities and would like to perk up my 300 year old house. Thanks.

  3. Hi Suzanne! Thank you for your sweet comment! Let me work a little on both of your requests. The mirror that I have was (possibly) made by Panton. I found mine on Ebay many years ago. I have found some, not quite the same, but with a very similar look on Ebay, Etsy, and 1st dibs. Not sure about the table, can try and track it down! Email me at [email protected] if you would like to chat more!! Thanks!

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