Patrick Dempsey in AD

This sweet little room, as I have shared before, has become simply a pass through from our kitchen to our family room. Pup’s food is in here. And that is about it. Focused on finding good comfortable chairs so we might sit in here…as we should! Love these Bertoia-style pieces, but simply not comfortable enough for daily use. Green is heavy on my mind…Spring? Maybe. But feeling compelled to find a way and place to incorporate this vibrant color.  Thinking 4 mid century upholstered swivel chairs ( Arne swan chairs the dream) may do the trick.


 Following are a few images I have been quite focused on.


 Dorothy Draper. The Greenbriar. SO much intuitive greatness, guts, glorious goodness. One of my all time favorite statements regarding design:

“I”ll always put in one controversial item, it makes people talk.”

Amen sister! After all, design invokes conversation. This she did so well.

green 2

Abigail Ahern

Moody, mid century, feminine marble fireplace, organic beauty in the form of vases.

Sheep skin, teeny yellow blooms, vintage cushions.

Much love here.

green 8

Coco and Kelly Flickr image.

Oh that coffee table.

green 9

Via Welke

The ceiling. The room. Amazing.

green 6

Bri Emery’s home.

I kill (unintentionally) indoor plants, so this will not ever happen in my home.

BUT how I love this space. So I will just need to come visit, Bri!

green 3

Karena Schuessler  Apartment.

My respect for designers who so care-free-ly design space.

She is a new favorite. Check her out.


Delfin & Postigo Home.


Love everything here.

green 7Better Homes and Gardens.

This space inspires me with the vintage art. Great green and blue hues.

Loving the inspiration above. Looking forward to how it translates into our breakfast nook.

Stay tuned!