Confession: Not a big fan of copying other blog posts. I like the process of finding original content, combining bits and pieces, along with some of my own stuff…but then I found this beautiful space. WHILE writing a different post. I hope you do not mind and I am taking NO credit other than COPY AND PASTE-ING. I am drawn to this space specifically, as we toy with the idea of a future lake home purchase. ALL WHITE. That is my agenda for that maybe someday place. So, sit back and enjoy this beautiful Swedish apartment.


Would love a wall console in our entry way. Always love the antlers. Timeless. Organic. Silhouette. Beautimous.


 CHAIR. LIGHT. My closets would not last for more than 5 minutes like that.

4-swedish-apartment What is it about pale pink.


That bed nook. LOVE nooks.


 I wish I could stop killing indoor plants. Less is way way more.


Look at the round outlet cover. How charming.


This is a great case study on making the best of every element you have in a space. The radiator is a great structural element. Does not bother me one bit.


White + worn wood= warmth. Somehow. Not one soft texture here, but that is ok. For me. I keep going back over these images, and continue to see new great elements of design. Hope you enjoy them too.

Images via Dust Jacket via StadsHam via cocolapine

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