Much harder than it may appear. Pulling together content. Taking pictures, learning through trial and error-publicly-what works, what does not.


I have much to learn, but have enjoyed the process. I cringe-just a little-when I go back and read earlier posts. But I am learning to listen to my voice. Strange way to put it. But true. Processing the process, and editing the unnecessary, learning to see clearly the valuable. Subjective, I know. More to learn. Of course. But as I write research and photograph, fine tuning the who what why of Trot, things are coming into focus.

Of this I am certain.


One thing is clear: I am a very very visual person.

I am drawn to the aesthetic of space. Most of us are. I just happen to overly enjoy. So, the beginning of a new series called “snaps”.

 Snaps will consist, very simply, of a few pictures and words that I happen to stumble upon on any given day. More than an Instagram post, less than a full blog post. Somewhere in between. Probably happening mostly on my phone, while out and about.

Random. Interesting. Inspiring. Fun. These topics I hope to reflect in this series. Let me know what you think…

4 responses to “Snaps.”

  1. I didn’t see the option on “all things green” for comment but the room you admired but didn’t know who it belonged to is an Abigail Ahern. I love her stuff. I don’t know if I could do all the dark but her stuff is moody and fabulous. She has an outdoor “kitchen” on her website that should be on your dream-lake-house-mood-board. Check her out. Green is one of my favorite colors and I’m sure I’d love seeing your use of it. I’m your partner in crime on the killing of house plants and I, too, long for the perfect office chair. Miss you and love the blog!

    • Not sure why that was not available, but thanks for making the effort and telling me about Abigail Ahern! Wow, she is a talent!! So appreciate your kind words, my friend. Yes, we have much in common:) Stay warm up in Ohio! xoxo

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