As we – fingers crossed – approach closing on Surrey Hill, I have been creating – with restraint – all things lake house while at rest. Which is not very often, but I have had opportunity while looking for clients to also look for the Lockes.

Following are my first purchases.

They scream lake house – I know.

That is the point.


I mean.

How could I not?

Real marble eye.


Plastic pretty for the sippy.


Perfectly kitsch.

More than likely, we will not do anything significant in terms of renovation or furniture until we have spent the summer getting a feel for the place.


We need to eat on


SO here are a few thoughts – as I have

been thinking about the “feel” I want to have in this most specialist of place.

Sturdy. Solid. Timeless. Enduring. Comfortable.

With a few cheeky pieces along the way (see above)

Pottery I have on the brain.

plates 1

Heath Ceramics

Love the look and can almost feel these earthy vessels in my hands.

plates 6

Fabrik Agate stoneware

These are stealing my heart. Ok that is dramatic.

But kinda true.

plates 3

I am feeling these.

Maybe a combo of a few of these pieces.

plates 1


But, personal taste, may not rock the boat of others like it is rockin mine.

plates 5

But look at these?!

Yes, please.


We shall see.

That’s all for now.

Will let you know if I pulled the trigger.

5 responses to “Snaps of lake house goodies.”

  1. Yes! The sailboat tray and that fish, perfection. I love the “hefty-chunky-earthy” of Heath ceramics. As always, nice choices!

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