Family. Relationships. Passion. Love. Christ-centered. Focus. Sacrifice. Selflessness. The pursuit. The pursuit of something greater than today, but not overlooking the gift of every waking moment. Understanding the importance of seeing life through a different lens. One that is focused on eternity. A loving Mother, a passionate servant, a devoted wife, and most importantly a Child of God. Mom, it isn’t easy to put into words how much you mean to us, but we thought we would give it our best shot.


Mother Bear,

There are many things I have to say for your day of birth. Many things I am incredibly thankful for, many things I cherish, so many things you have done for me and the fam, so many ways in which you have encouraged, pushed, and inspired me. You are my best friend, my role model, my confidant, and my biggest fan. I know we always joke around about how you could only have me as a daughter and I could only have you as a mother, but there isn’t a truer statement! You have always been, and most likely will always be the first person I want to talk to when something happens. You have an incredible amount of wisdom that allows me to see the world in completely different way. You make me see things differently, you remind me to see people’s hearts even when it feels impossible. You embody a selflessness that allows people to feel safe, vulnerable, and listened to…people find themselves telling you things they never wanted to without even realizing it!! I can’t tell you how many times I have done something, or said something, or made some sort of mistake and told myself, “I’m definitely not telling my mom” but then I find myself telling you the whole story because I know you love me without boundaries. I cannot begin to imagine what I would do without you…you have allowed me to learn from my mistakes, you challenge me to do be the best version of myself, you impart wisdom and insight to me and the boys, you say the difficult things even when I most definitely don’t want to hear them. You make me laugh SO FREAKING HARD. I miss our road trips for volleyball and belly laughing in the car for no reason, our Ruby Tuesday lunch breaks, singing to Captain and Tannile, and all the other ridiculous things that came with the two of us being together. I want to thank you for being who you have been to me and to our family. You make all of us better people independently, and together. You are the backbone of our family in every way…honestly as cheesy as it sounds we would be a mess without you:) Thank you for making our home a place that people want to be, a place that is always open, always comfortable, and always filled with the presence of the Lord. You have continually showed me what it looks like to serve people with a heart that is constantly running after the Lord whether that is having the house clean, food in the pantry, robes for Christmas, bunk beds for our friends to stay in, a place for Ben and Vince when they show up on a random Saturday night:), lunch when you come into town, sending John Piper clips to our family, being adamant about time spent together as a family, encouraging conversations that address tough topics and Scripture and the Lord’s purpose in all of our lives.

Who you are is honestly more than I could actually put in words. I know for a fact that basically all of my “good” or my strengths come from you:) I am able to sit and listen and advise people because you have exemplified that for me. I am able to be confident, independent, and strong because you are the strongest person I know. I am able to laugh until I cry because you allow me to completely be my weird self. I am able to see difficult situations because you constantly push me to open my eyes to things that aren’t so obvious. I am a more positive person because you have taught me to see the world in a way that the Lord wants me to. I am able to study a profession that I am PASSIONATE about because you have encouraged me to see what I am good at and pursue those things as best as I can. I am able to see my weaknesses because you have been a humble and vulnerable example of admitting when you are wrong.

You deserve the world momma bear. I love you more than you will ever know. Congrats on making it a full 50 years and still killing it. You are my very very very favorite person and best friend and mother.




You are truly a superstar in my eyes. I can’t think of a better way to say how highly I think of than to say this: if my wife is half the wife, mother, friend, daughter, woman that you are, then I will be so very excited. You have filled my life, and literally hundreds and thousands more with hope, creativity, and joy that our world knows very little about, otherwise.

I hope that you feel loved, celebrated, and cherished today on this very special day. It is a milestone in a life wonderfully lived. You display excellence in everything you do; whether it’s something as simple as doing our laundry or as inspiring as starting an interior design company, you challenge all of us to be better.

I love you mommy. Very, very much. I’m thankful for you, and I know I speak for the rest of our family, friends, and even strangers who haven’t even met you, except for instagram! Your mark on this world is not to be understated.

A very happy birthday, Ma!

With love,




A list of the impacts you have made on me in my life could fill a long, maybe never-ending book. The picture I have that I think perfectly
describes our relationship is you and me in the car on the way to soccer practice. The amount of times we made that drive is infinite, and I look back on every single trip with a longing to have just one more. Those drives represent something so much bigger than just a ride to soccer practice. They represent the different chapters in our lives that we were able to experience with each other. They represent what true selflessness looks like. A loving mother driving hours on end in order for her son to do what he is most passionate about. To spend four nights a week, year-round in a car on the way to and from soccer practice. This picture gives me a perfect example of what it looks like to love another person. To put their needs and wants in front of your own and not only that, but to do it without uttering a single complaint because it is truly what you want to do because you love that person. To love like Christ first loved us. That is how you live your life Mom, and that impacts so many people.

Mother, you live to love and that is the model of Christianity. You live with passion and joy and you find the best in people. You value family above all earthly things and your persona is contagious and that is why so many people feel your impact on them. I am truly blessed to have a Mother like you. I am truly thankful for every car ride to practice. I look up to you, I aspire to love like you, and so much of who I am comes from you harvesting the gifts God has blessed you with and that is truly special.



We love you, Mom. To the moon, around it a few times and back. We are inspired by you, blessed that the Lord has given us a Mother like you, and we all can’t wait to watch what the Lord has in store for you. Pursue it! You are incredibly gifted and talented, and we want to encourage you to harvest these gifts as well as tell you how much we love you.

Oh, and Happy Birthday!

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  1. Colleen, you are uniquely lovely, gifted, kind and wise. I have admired you from the first time we met! These loving tributes from each of your children are beyond wonderful. Happy Birthday to you, and celebrate big – you absolutely deserve it! XO

  2. After reading the loving letters above, I am filled with love and pride for these beautiful grand kids. They are truly a blessing and will make their marks on the world. Colleen and Kevin . GREAT JOB !!!!

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