Much of what I love about design is ALL the possibilities. Working with a relatively blank slate is best.My back yard falls into this category. With good bones and some good foliage, I am really excited to get some work done back here. Hoping to get started now before we jump into the lake house re-hab.

Time to get moving!


Just beyond our fence is a very noisy busy street. Our yard has the potential to be very quaint and awesome, but the noise keeps us in the house. Looking to fill in the space with some pretty evergreen trees. Will also need to add some plantings. Pretty shaded back here, so hope to add Brunera, Astilbe, Bleeding heart, Lenten Rose and a few other shade loving plants.

SONY DSCAnother view. Love the back drop. Just need to fine tune, and fill with more plantings and defined garden spaces.

Need to feed my grass.

SONY DSCBarren, but lots of potential. Hydrangeas looking pretty ok, so far. Hoping the cold did no damage.

Need to create good seating, eating, fire pitting area.

SONY DSCJust strung up some cafe lights. Makes a big difference.

At night.

SONY DSCI would love to replace this stone with Blue stone. Very costly. Not sure it is worth it.

Looking to plant as much Lavender and Rosemary around the patio as I can.

I am all about choosing a few variety of plants in large quantities.

Simple pretty.


 Love my vintage rockers and these Pottery Barn iron lattice backed chairs I have had for almost 20 years.


More on #projectgreenspace upcoming.

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  1. Hi Emily! Thanks for your kind words. We purchased the house just under two years ago, and am not sure of the exterior color. Let me look around and see if I can find some left over paint cans from previous owner!



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