Reflecting on a wide variety of things today. Looking forward to new projects and clients, school year wrap-ups, summer around the bend.

Currently, copper and wood and all things organic have me smitten.

What is it about age and patina that is so very nostalgic? Warm? Comfortable?

ALWAYS design – relevant.

At least in my opinion.

Never gets old.

Well, it is old, and that is the point.

Maybe somewhere deep down I relate with these old pieces.

A recent birthday making me feel this way?

Not really, as I have always been drawn to pieces and spaces that tell a story, that have been around the block and have since lost their shine.

Maybe I am an old soul.

Hope you consider the beauty beneath all things worn and timeless.

friday 3

design sponge

friday 4


friday 1


friday 2


friday 7


5 responses to “Patina.”

  1. I have to have some “aged” and curated life items in a room to feel comfortable. I also like my items out very English but more placed. Purposeful with some space to breathe. Love all the photos you showed, they speak to me and I am drawn to them. Lovely post. Rié

    • Thanks Rie! I am glad you enjoyed these pieces and beautifully curated homes. I did too! Just something about time worn pieces that make a house extra special!


  2. I hope your Birthday was a lovely day and this next year at a new age is just a lovely. Such wonderful images you shared today. I love the “soul” of old. Each piece has a story to tell, adding old items to ones home makes spaces unique, warm, personal. Every room (in my opinion) needs a story and a reflection of something timeworn. As always…Barb

  3. I love seeing all of your inspiration pictures, so I miss your Instagram feed! It says page not found. I miss seeing your daily pics!

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