On the hunt for a few clients. Thought I would share a few cool pieces I stumbled upon here in Nashville.

pieces 1

Armoires. Form and function. Love the doors off, painted interior and look look look at the detailing.

pieces 2

Sucker for settees. Oh the possibilities.

pieces 3

Had to buy. Great price. Fun piece.

pieces 4

Jaw dropping  And there are two.

pieces 5

Brutalist anything I love.

pieces 6

Sure would like to find a spot for this. Wood grain and beautiful grayish black marble are really pretty.

So many treasures in these parts.

2 responses to “Nashville finds.”

  1. Did you buy it all!? I may have. Such great finds. The marble top dresser is lovely. I am actually in the midst of refinishing a black marble top french piece right now. And my “new” settee just left today for the upholsterer. I have a thing for a good settee, as well! That yellow pillow takes me back to my Junior High bedroom. Orange and yellow shag carpet, white and yellow vinyl bean bags a french dressing table and a big brass bed, marimekko fabric bedspread and white eyelet dust ruffle. I wish I still had that bedspread! My mom was teaching me to mix it up way back in 1973! I would have selected that pillow in a heart beat just to feel 13 again! Thanks for the virtual Nashville shopping trip. I will miss my trips up there. My daughter has lived there since she graduated from college. He husband’s job is taking them to Florida. Not complaining. Will be lovely to have her closer to us!

  2. Ha sounds like you had one super stylish Mom!! Yes, I too wish I had kept a few goodies from back in the day! Make sure you post pictures of your “new” pieces. Love the yellow pillow, but was my only purchase. Just thought it was fun! Love Nashville! But having a daughter close by is the best. xoxo

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