Rounding up a few pictures and thoughts from last week’s visit to Raleigh and Charlotte.

Quick over view of our Carolina trip:

raleigh 4

In Raleigh we stayed in a beautiful home I found on Air bnb. I should show you pics of the house we stayed in (amazing) but these better reflect our trip-


In multiple forms.

Insomnia cookies. Ever tried?

You can order them late night.

Post midnight snack for the Lockes.


raleigh 1

Grown children.

Who love their baskets and Easter egg hunts.

And the boys:

notice the stiff arm from Ben.


All. Day. Long.

raleigh 2

Sweet KC, just as competitive.

Picks her battles a bit more wisely.

raleigh 3

We have been visiting this mecca since they were babies.

Only go when the sign is lit.


Fresh. melt in your mouth.


I am so very thankful for silly sugary traditions.

Our time was so very good. With all three in college, these times are invaluable. My heart is full, knowing the relationships they have with one another are close, deep, substantial.

They get it. Far more than I did when I was their age.

Grateful, so very grateful for this.


Kevin and KC went back to Nashville, Ben back to NC State, and Zach and I drove to Charlotte.

I spent time working on a new portion of Project 658‘s building.

Cannot say enough about this ministry. If you have a minute, check them out!!

I loved working on this space. Mostly because I love the people and the mission.

But also because the building has great bones. Once an old ice skating rink, then grocery store, then empty, the staff at 658 had great vision for what it could be in this community and Greater Charlotte.

Thrilled to be a part of the process and design.

raleigh 6

The lobby is full of vintage pieces from local shops like Sleepy Poet Antique Mall, Habitat for Humanity Store, along with the work horse pieces from Ikea.

Southern Lights Electric, based in Nashville happily contributed these stunning light fixtures at a fraction of their retail cost.

Love Adam and his staff.


It is quickly becoming a sought after venue space in Charlotte. Weddings, conferences, business meetings, and fund raisers have been held here, and it has been open for less than a year!


Be sure to take a look at their website and mission.

Compelling story.

raleigh 14

Charlotte is FULL of MANY quaint places to eat and visit with folks, and this place was no exception.

Lucky me, I was able to enjoy a yummy lunch with Zach’s girl friend Sally, creator of Waterring the World at Little Spoon in Myers Park – close to Queens University – where they both attend.

After a yummy sandwich,  I walked a few store fronts down and found this delicious little place called Petit Philippe

Afternoon delight, for sure.

I was able to get some work done while sipping and snacking on this salty dark chocolate piece of heaven.

Little Spoon and  Petit Philippe did not disappoint.

Be sure to check them out when you next visit Charlotte!

raleigh 12

Side note: When I sat down and opened my calendar, I noticed this at the top of the page. Written by KC.

SO sweet.


raleigh 13

When I turned the page I saw this.


raleigh 11

Every. Day.

My planner was full of sweet KC’isms.

Always the little things make the biggest of impacts.

These few words and efforts of kindness resonate and encourage.

These things I have tried to instill in our kiddos.

When you think they are not listening…

raleigh 10

I also was able to stop in (more than once) at one of my favorite places to find vintage pieces.

Slate Interiors.

raleigh 8

This brass beauty is prettiest in person. Thinking of one client in particular with this piece…

raleigh 9

Beautiful wood work

from a local artisan became an instant lake house inspiration. More on that to come.

So there you have it.

Great time had by all.

Now, back to work.

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