Happy Monday!  I should be working. But. Couldn’t help myself. Domaine’s fault.

m 1

This image caused me to stray today. Masculine + Feminine = happiness. Relatively speaking.

m 2I mean. From top to bottom.

m 3My attempt at input here would be silly. Utter silliness.

m 4

 Different space, really like it. Digging the green. Globes. Will show you mine soon.

m 5

 Just had backyard lighting fixed in backyard today. Good news…new project, right honey? That stone fire pit. Come on.

m 6

 Coffee table. OUTSTANDING.

m 7

So simple. I am a sucker for Saarinen and sheepskin.

m 8

 My favorite time of the day is bath time. (is that bad?) Missing: glass of wine. Perfect balance of neutral/color.

m 9

 I really really like the driftwood. Marble is beautiful, but this is more affordable. I guess I am in the market for a new coffee table. That is the danger of this profession.



images//The Details: Designer: Miguel García de Valcárcel, Source: Nuevo Estilo from Domaine blog/The Details: Designer: Scott Shrader, Photographer: Lisa Romerein, Source: Veranda/designed by Julie Hillman and featured in Architectural Digest España./John Eshaya /

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