Christmas still lingers at the Locke homestead.


This post will have a few pieces and parts. Thankful I can sit and process what lies ahead with you, hopefully you will find some inspiration along the way! Now that I feel my kids are settled, husband is finding a rhythm with work, and I have started to breathe with more regularity (!) goals and dreams for me are beginning to look a bit more focused, reachable, doable. That feels really good to say. Lots of work ahead, still many variables and unknowns. Faith a necessity.


screen shot



A few practical objectives: Get Trot website running fully. We had a quick launch before the holidays, still not fully functional. I have been most consistent with journal posts, but notes still incomplete. Still have to finalize categories, things I want to focus on…hmmm.




A word about journals. My intent for many years has been to wake up and have a quiet time. Been aiming to do this since I was in college.


I decided to start sharing them on Trot, intending to encourage. I am doing my best to get them up before getting too far into the day. Hopeful you will find insight and another sojourner as you read.


Still need to decide on the shop, whether to truly launch it, or sit tight, focusing more on design. Oh but sharing these finds, I love.

Projects around the house include, but not limited to: Breakfast nook.


Hard room to photograph, but here are the important things to note: We NEVER sit in here. EVER. BOO us. This light! Natural and hanging from the ceiling.


Swagging my chandelier (see below) in the breakfast room so I can use the settee with the table. (oops rug wrinkle) Tricky, but may try. May sell chairs, bring in more comfy seating.

2015 1

Love how casual. Look at the chord bunched at medallion. I have LOTS of respect for people that make such decisions, imperfect perfection…I know this would drive some of you nuts. Takes all kinds of kinds.


I think I may try.


Finish this beaut of a space. Will share soon, again super challenging to photograph.


Looking to find some balance on staircase. Color on risers? Art up staircase? May switch out this table, do not love it here. Probably should vacuum before I post pictures of my home.


Took a lunch break while writing this post, and spied pup. Had to take a pic. Played a bit with filters. Does photoshop have a mop the floor function?

Oh. And I am hoping to build a business adding vintage pieces to interiors both near and far. Still need to do some work in my office. Storage is a challenge.

This piece I purchased when I decided to (re) launch Trot.  May have been my first Instagram post, not sure.


Much has happened since its arrival. SO many things and ideas swirling around in this ADD brain of mine, all of which I hope to see become tangible expressions of design that is unique, that inspires others to appreciate value and ultimately add vintage pieces into their own homes.

That is all for now… More to come on 2015.

4 responses to “Looking ahead.”

  1. I’ve told you before, and I’ll say it again…I LOVE your house!! Can’t wait to see the bathroom. Question: What are those “things” holding your washi tape? I love, love, love my goodies. I am having fun finding places for them in my home! Thanks again!

  2. Hi Autumn! So glad you like your pieces…send me pictures when you have them in place:) They are vintage perfume bottles found at a local antique store here in Nashville. Good eye! Thanks always for your kind words, Autumn! xo

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