It started last summer at Lake Norman. The Locke family fell in love with lake living.

As Spring approaches (I think Spring is approaching?)

the hunt for a lake home heats up.

It is always fun, the search, the dreaming, etc. but pulling the trigger is quite another thing.

Putting thought to paper (sort of) helps me organize and prioritize thought. Hope it is at least interesting, maybe inspiring on some level, to walk along side.

lake 1

A few things worth noting:

I lOVE to renovate. Purchasing something that has already been “done” does not appeal to me.

However, I am only one half of the equation. (husband)

Look at the exposed ceiling. Yes.

Black cabinets. Maybe.

Overall, this image of Roman & WIlliams Montauk Home has been my go to space for inspiration.

Their feel for a lived in, masculine sensibility appeals to me.

lake 11

Not in total, however.

This strikes a great balance of feminine & masculine.

Found pieces are a must. We are looking at a home currently, with an incomplete kitchen.

I would love to remove what is in there and replace with mostly found, free standing pieces.

Perhaps with a counter base that is simple, streamlined modern.

lake 6

Love the free spirit here. Wood + white.

Open shelving. Butcher block. Timeless. Worn.

Feels like a great lake home (any home) option.


This is a great combo of feminine + masculine + old + new + white.

Navy. Blue.



I like.

Custom design a piece like this?!


thom 3

Thom Filicia factors in to my lake home design inspiration.
He captures the essence of that type of space really well.

I think what really matters here is using every square inch creatively,

factoring in both form and function.

Clever idea for entertaining.

garden shed

Oh, to have a pretty place for garden tools.


This was my garden in Ohio, in process.

Having enough space for this is a big factor for me.

thom 1

My husband may be most focused on the outdoor portion of this pursuit.

Fire pit.


Super important to Kevin.

Me, too.

thom 2

I would absolutely replicate this deck. And I am not fond of decking.

The bench replacing  railing around perimeter is brilliant.

But safe?

The mod fireplace.

That view.

View matters most to me.

lake 7


Outdoor shower.




Can’t forget to factor her into the equation.

We are heading out today to continue and fine tune our search.

There is joy in the journey.

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