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Kevin and I have been talking and looking and thinking and processing and pouring over the “should we purchase a lake home” question for quite a while. Nashville’s Old Hickory Lake has lots of great looking homes on many miles of the flooded Cumberland river, fondly called Old Hickory. We have spent a good amount of time looking at a wide range of properties and while we look, I dream and design. {shocking, I know} Elements that are mandatory (in my dreams of course) are as follows: White. Exposed beams. Concrete. Brick-painted. Garden. Outdoor shower. Fireplace/s. Inside and out. Screened in porch. Comfortable, like you never want to leave kinda comfort. Great views from all windows, that hopefully we have a lot of.

Thats all.


Following are some of my favorite inspirations.

lake 1

Stine Langvad Design

This combination of white/light floors, concrete, kitchen fireplace with free standing pieces sets a great tone for the kitchen I am envisioning. Love a fireplace that sits up off the floor.

lake 2

IL Richiamo del Bosco

I know – these images I have posted on IG, but they are so breath-taking. Not interested in a stone floor, but what strikes me the most here is the organic vibe, earthy, comfortable, warm, great light. And.


lake 3

Image Savor Home

I never know if styling a home for a shoot tweaks the positioning of furniture, but I love this old table in front of the french doors. Great picture, but I kinda like the nonsensical-ness of it as well. And.

The White.

The Green.

lake 4

Romans and Williams

Now. This.

I cannot overstate how much I love this space. Their Montauk weekend get away strikes a nerve in me. So personal, interesting, moody. Honestly, this room has me pursuing such masculine safari style, Kagan like dark wood, heavy object, mid century, interesting found objects.  Truly love everything about this space, wondering how I might take this and recreate with my own personal spin.

Big wheels keep on turning.

lake 5

They also garden. I hope to do the same. I started a garden in Ohio, and LOVED it.

This will happen again.

lake 5

Sophie Munro

I have saved this image from Elle Decor for many years. Though the furniture is great, I would want more comfortable pieces while I sat and read or chatted or napped.

Nothing better than the sound of a wood screen door opening and closing.

lake 6

No idea who this lucky person is.


This will happen if we live on a lake.

Might happen on my patio right here in Nashville:)

I kid…

That is all for now. I have a kazillion million ideas, and will share as often as you all will tolerate.

FOR SURE more to come.

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