Desire to Inspire

There is something so energizing about the prospect of a new space. Whether rehabbing a bathroom, backyard or new home, creating – for me – breathes life into my soul.

Dramatic? Yes.

True. Umm.


Pinterest -Instagram- Shelter Magazines -Blogs

ENDLESS sources of inspiration. Honestly it can be overwhelming the amount of and accessibility to beautiful curated space. For me, when I begin a project, whether it be mine or a clients, I allow myself total freedom to explore. Anything goes, as I begin to research what to do on any given project.


There comes a point where you reach over load. Incapacity to make decisions due to the vast amount of beauty I may have found on all above stated resources.

Decision time. What direction do I want to go? Budget? Timeline?

Reality sets in and after all the musing meandering dreaming (which is so much fun)

the time comes to establish a plan.

Not necessarily set in stone – yet.

But some form of direction to keep me moving – forward – not in place.

This is where I sit today as we inch closer to closing on the lake house.

I need a plan.

Here are some of my thoughts:

1. As a second home [ so hard to believe and humbled by the prospect] how much money do we really want to invest in the home? Having rehabbed several homes, my instinct is to walk into a space and begin deconstructing and rebuilding.


I feel far more intrigued, challenged and energized by keeping most of what is in this 1960’s simple space [no offense to previous owner, I am very very picky] and working with what exists to create a home that feels like a retreat.

But the way I would interpret retreat. Something very personal, reflective of the things that matter most to the Locke family and that ultimately becomes a place where friends and family

Relax. Re charge.

But cool. Unexpected. Inspiring.

Should be pretty easy. Yes?


But I LOVE a challenge.

Really really enjoy.

2. SO many directions I could go.

Enough said on that.

So, the next several weeks will be an effort to compile and compress and consider out loud with you all. In the process, you will get to know the good the bad and the ugly of this girl.

I promise to be as honest as I can about all that goes into renovation/design -at least for me.

For now, here are a few inspiration pics that have my attention. At least for today.

 lake 1Lantliv / Anna Kern / Gustav Willers {vintage flea market rustic scandinavian mid-century modern dining room}

One thing I know. For absolute certain

-I think-

I want a large barn table with many a chair. No need to match. I may just start collecting chairs

-I have a thing for chairs-

They may match.

But maybe not.

See how this works?!

lake 2

The Style files

Does not need to be a barn table, but it does need to be large.

Great piece right?

lake 3

The style files

Although round would be cool too?!

Maybe two rounds in the “front room”?!

Just a sampling of my process.

That is all for now.

Oh so much more to come!

6 responses to “Lake design talk.”

  1. I love the idea of mismatched chairs around a farm table! Our last house had mismatched chairs around our steel dinning table. The buyers loved it so much we sold the whole kit and caboodle to them! I look forward to watching your process as you move forward with this new project. We have had 9 homes in 32 years (we move bunches) So my homes have often been re-sale ready… neutral and simple. This place , I throw caution to the wind… making it ours is a good feeling. I am sure your new project will be a wonderful reflection of your family.

    • I always appreciate your thoughtful words, Barb. Wow, how fun to have buyers purchase your pieces! Glad you are feeling more settled in your current home, I have enjoyed seeing glimpses of it on IG!


    • Thanks so much Brittany! I appreciate that, and I too look forward to seeing how this home turns out!! Fingers crossed:)


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