So my sweet KC casually mentioned to me that she and her room mate came up with a quick and easy guacamole recipe. A few things worth mentioning:  I am an average cook, at best.  KC is a product (by product?) of this culinary ineptness..sorry babe, you have other really GREAT qualities, sure to be discussed here on Trot.:)   However, we LOVE to eat.  And we LOVE guacamole.  So, I added a few ingredients, but this was inspired by her. Oh, and I really do not measure anything, so these are estimates.  (Remember, this is NOT a food blog!) Let me know what you think.  Also worth mentioning, this ended up being an individual sized serving, kinda. Kevin got home late, so  I ate most of it, saved him a bite..barely.

guac 2

guac 3

guac 4

guac 5

guac 6

guac 7

KC’s Guac:

2-3 avocados pitted, sliced

1 T red onion, chopped

handful of heirloom cherry tomatoes, quartered

handful of chopped cilantro (i love it so i use a lot)

fresh pepper and sea salt

splash of olive oil

balsamic to taste

Smash up avocado (or smoosh, your preference), mix in the rest of ingredients.  Add some organic blue chips.  Dinner is served.  Love you KC girl…smooches.

kc please






2 responses to “KC’s Guac”

  1. KC, it is only fitting that your favorite Aunt, of course, would comment on our guacamole recipe. Looks delicious and can’t wait to add balsamic to mine. Cols, my bestest and dearest girlfriend in the entire world, and my sweet sister in Christ, AWESOME blog!!! I can’t wait to get on here and read all the new stuff you have coming. Looks and reads wonderful and I love all of you bunches and bunches!

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