Romans 15:13 “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Couple things to note in this powerful passage. I must answer an assumptive statement in this passage for myself: “as you trust in Him” I? If I do not, the rest of the passage means very little. My first response is yes, I do trust in the God of hope. Contemplating further, my second response, my reflective, maybe more honest answer is, I long to trust Him with all and in all things, but my life choices and actions do not always represent this.

Trust is an interesting term and concept. I feel STRONGLY that God is the ONLY one worthy of our complete and total trust. This I stand on firmly, without exception, mostly because I am familiar with human nature. Especially my own. But look at the premise and the promise: God is a God of HOPE filling us with ALL JOY AND PEACE! Why? That we may be filled to overflow with the HOPE that comes only from Him, and this, reflected in our joy and peace eminates from all areas of our lives. Overflow demands that we give it away. Or at least assumes that will be the case.

The Holy Spirit longs to fill us with the attributes of God. As we walk in the shadow of our Father, placing our trust~ hand in his hand~ in Him, His desire is to fill us abundantly with all joy and hope and peace. Powerfully. Not just enough to get by, or for a moment in time, but to the point of excess. That we might be a living breathing fountain where our “thirst” is quenched. As we experience this abundance to the point of overflow, my prayer, and I believe God’s expectation is that we give it away. Reflect these attributes to a world that longs for Hope. Joy. Peace. Not fleeting. Not temporal.

Praying today that my trust would lie only in Him.