Hope everyone had a great 4th! So good to be home. Missing my kiddos, for sure. Honestly when I come home I am overwhelmed by the blessing of having our own space. Is that crazy? I think not. Many many many around the world have NEVER experienced what I am feeling. SO I honestly mean it when I say I am so thankful, grateful overwhelmed with a sense of such joy, humbled a bit, to walk into a space that is comfy cozy and enjoyable on many levels. We just returned a few hours ago, but felt compelled to share. Quick run to grocery ALWAYS includes flowers.

 To do list:


Need to start furnishing Project 658. More to come on that…

random 17

New art to hang.

chair 10

New desk chair. been yapping about this chair for a while. jeesh.

design for entry.


finish up office design.

etc 3

Begin work on Charleston Project. cannot wait. nitey nite for now.

images//elle decor/eskayel/1st dibs/art-zoe pawlak

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