There is great freedom when it comes to hanging art work. Lots of approaches. Mixing, matching, a little bit of both. My challenge currently is working within the constraints of wall molding – which I had installed.  My thoughts were I would simply put pieces inside, but, truth is, I’m not good at staying inside the lines! Researching homes and various spaces, I find very very few examples of art outside or on top of this framework…which makes me want to hang them that way all the more..

This is nice. 

This is more my style.

new gallery

White and it summer or am I looking to stray a bit from neutrals…

new 2

Great space, love the idea of  central piece with accent pieces.


Wanting color.


Have no problem hanging atop paneling.



gallery 7

Changes to come. i have issues.

images// janmaat/elle decor uk/

4 responses to “Gallery walls.”

  1. Your former paneled office makes me smile! So does the arrangement and picture light between/on top of the molding in your current LR. I say go for it!! Your eye knows what feels right.

  2. This couldn’t be better timed! I just picked up 3 more pieces of art from the framer but I can’t bring myself to hang anything. I’ve lived here for 6 years and I’ve only hung 3 things! All my art is leaning. I’m afraid to commit (you know how I get) but it’s gone on too long now. I’m gonna try to channel your courage and daring. Love your inspiration pics.

  3. Thanks Amy! You have a great eye. I can’t wait to see where you hang your pieces! Pull the trigger, girl!! Time is now:)

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