Image by Seth Smoot

This will happen at Surrey Hill Point.

A few snaps this beautiful sunny Friday! A whirlwind this past several days, loved every minute. Trying to wrap my mind around the new pace of life for me as Trot seems to be picking up speed, with new opportunities popping up with some regularity…so thankful.

friday 1

Kevin let me tag along last week end as he conferenced at Water Color Resort, right outside of Seaside Florida along 30A(lucky me, I know). As we walked through the shops of Seaside, Kevin pulled me aside to peak into this store window. Not sure what we were looking at, he told me to look down at the floors. Wondered if I thought plywood floors wood work in the lake house (it is all old carpet, no hardwood).

friday 2

First of all, really truly, that is a big deal. The store was closed, and initially the shop briefly caught his attention (I had walked right past) and THE FLOORS he notices!! Oh I love this. He truly does not care about interior design, but he does cares about me. We have been married for 24 years, and he kinda gets how I am wired!

Oddly I had just posted the following on Instagram:

friday 3

Wondering if we should use the sub flooring in the home or just use new ply wood.


One of the reasons I am so smitten by Kevin is his attention to detail. He sees things I often miss, while also paying attention to the things that matter to me. SO when he stops me to look at the floors of a small shop thinking I might find them a potential design choice…such a small thing, but it makes me smile even as I write.

friday 4

Oh. And the beaches are full of these super cool blue jelly fish that I thought were so beautiful but would probably REALLY hurt if stepped on or swam past.

Pretty though.

friday 5

 The Surface view.

Fun new discovery as I was surfing Pinterest. Considering wall coverings for the lake house, and this London based company may be the ticket.

Great products for sure.

friday 1

Work was an absolute blast this week. Not always the case, but it was this go around. Worked with Megan, Jamie and Caroline from 12th table helping them style their new look book which will feature all their many many beautiful goods available for any and all kinds of events. Emily took the most prettiest of pictures, which is apparently her usual.

Total privilege to work alongside these lovely ladies.

friday 7

Then on to some more lots of fun with a client who has great vision for her home. Always excited to help create something that is personal and reflective of one’s family.

Looking forward to more work and creation in this wonderful home.

friday 8

View from dock.

KC and I popped out to the lake, thinking we would just do a quick slow drive by. The current owners were out front and asked us to come on in…!

I cannot express to you the sweetness of this couple heading to retirement.

Beautiful. Kind. Generous. Sentimental. Lovers of each other and this special home where they have raised three kids AND have had their grandkids spend many wonderful years right here on Old Hickory.


They insisted (while they were surrounded by 30 years worth of boxes and belongings through out) on showing KC the house – as she had not seen it yet.

Oh Lord PLEASE let me grow old with the grace and kindness this couple so naturally expressed in our time together.

Post upcoming on this very sentiment.

friday 9

Can’t wait to see how this place evolves.

friday 10

Thom FIlicia

This I will be unable to do, but the image will hopefully inspire something unique and true for the Locke tribe.

A few more pics of inspiring design that I cannot seem to shake.

friday 6

This I see here at Surrey Hill Point.

I found this image on Pinterest, uncertain to whom it belongs.


garden shed


Oh a potter’s shed, this a dream. I LOVE to garden.

Finger’s crossed.

lake 4

Roman and Williams

Just so so great.

However. I would have to have bunches and bunches of Hydrangea. And other beautiful flowers, as this space is over the top with these blooms.

That is all for now.

Happiest of weekends!

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