Some picture fun.

A quieter week as compared to last, I was able to focus on the work at my desk. Not much of a sitter – but good to get things done.

I did get to hit up a few of my favorite local shops, as mentioned


Found some beautiful art work for my sweet friend’s home



Check out Melanie’s website. Her heart and passion are a treasure.

KC and I got to spend some time together. (LUCKY ME!!)  She has a way with the camera, so I asked her to take a few pictures of me for my website and an upcoming collaboration that is forcing me to do some fine tuning around these parts.

I cannot express my intense dislike for getting my picture taken.

Is disdain too strong a word?

She is so great. SO patient. And we like to laugh – mostly at me.

Here are a few shots.

Humbling, but thought you would get a kick out of our sillies.



We started here. Deer in the headlights?

WOW can I work the camera.


The eye brow lift. Almost a permanent feature on my face.


This is a face that KC has seen most of her life.

As it was often directed her way.

In love. Always.



Pretty much over this shoot.

That took about 10 minutes, but still.

Impossible for me to communicate without using my hands.


We are unable to keep it from coming to this.

Impossible to express my love for sweet KC.

What a trooper. We did get a few good snaps, will replace with what I have currently on Trot.

This is the first AND last time you will see a series of pictures of me, but thought you might get a giggle from our attempt at being professional…

On to more important items.

Painted brick – both inside and out.


Surrey Hill has both.


Following are some of my out loud thinking thoughts:


desire to inspire



All white brick, mortar and all has great impact. Low cost.


While we do not have soaring ceilings and this amount of brick, I think the impact would still be felt.



Kinda cool. Intensely white. Roof?!

What a great home though. White makes everything look better.


Keeley Garden

Southern living the daily south

I am drawn to the dark.


The contrast of that unfinished door, copper, green.

I like it.



Maybe a combo of white with dark found pieces? I love this and apologize for lack of source.

Try to give credit where credit is due.


The Dutch

I love Roman and Williams’ work. They make dark look stunningly gorgeous.

That about sums up where my head is this week. Final walk through on Sunday –  closing at 8 a.m. Monday if all goes as planned.

Happiest of sunny Fridays to you.

3 responses to “My Friday ETC.”

  1. First of all, I hate to have my photo taken as well. I cringe at the thought. I am always the one with the camera. Secondly, loving the idea of dark on the outside and white on the inside. The white will feel cool and relaxed on a hot summer day at the lake. The dark will make the house pop from the green of the trees and the water. Just my opinion. I am sure whatever your choices are they will be terrific.

    • I think that is the way to do it, Barb! Grab the camera and hold on tight!!!

      Will keep you posted on color choices. We are gonna just sit and enjoy the house – no work until after the summer!! Who knows how many various thoughts and ideas will go in and out of my brain by then!!


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