Oh these mugs.

Thursday morning and what a busy fun week. Surrey Hill is ours (gulp – humbled – blown away – grateful) we are so thrilled at what is upcoming.

We try to hold on loosely to what we have, firmly believing that stuff holds little value, but what we can do with stuff is limitless – this is how we hope to approach the lake house.

Following are snaps of fun finds for Surrey Hill. The shlepping of said pieces and what nots has begun…


Perhaps my most favoritest find found at Savant in 12 South.

Never have I seen such cool outdoor seating. Will recover at some point, but for now, these are perfect.

If you have not been, you must go. Great vintage pieces curated with lots of love and skill – and a new Air BNB behind the storefront, not to be missed.

Thank you Beverly!


On to the DOwntown Antique MalL on 8th.

Really having too easy of a time finding pieces here.

Oh this chair. Perfectly designed – super uncomfortable.

But I kinda do not care. Have not pulled the trigger yet, but so love the look and feel it conveys- exactly what I am looking for at the lake. Well, I want comfort, but I also want this look…!

May use as a side table to stack stuff, or pull up to kitchen counter or…maybe I need to go make sure it is still there..?


This for KC. She has already schemed and planned her room – you go sweet girl! xo


This for the boys room. They are happy with pretty much anything.

They are the best clients…!


Clearinghouse Consignment.

Good place, good inventory, changes pretty frequently.

Thinking about floral, pretties to compliment the heavy masculine pottery I found last week.

These are too pricey, but was inspired by the concept of combining the pretty and the pottery.

More on that to come.


Stopped by Anthropologie  in Franklin.

Was very distracted by the tile and wood and concrete.

Hmmm thinking about how to translate this at the lake house.

Found a cool few pieces here on sale.



I told my husband I wanted to unplug as much as possible at Surrey Hill. Would love to NOT have a TV (I care only about the news and sports anyway…well I did love the BBC’s Sherlock Holmes series…come back Benedict!!)

Instead would love to use a table I found a ways back for games and such.

An official game table!!

So he bought me these goodies from WHite’s Mercantile for Mother’s Day.

I know. I married way above my head.


The journey begins.

Praying thinking scheming dreaming today.

All in an effort to see how talents and treasures and time can be used for purposes much bigger than the immediate – the visible – the me.

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