The Barn (catalyst) that began the dream of Trot several years ago.

It has been almost a year since I first started blogging. A new season in life prompted the launch, along with some fortuitous moments I hoped to capture and capitalize on.

In the process, I have learned a great deal. Thought I would share some pieces and parts with you in an effort to help clarify what I believe is around the bend. In no particular order…

  I like to write. I am up in the morning with the priority of journaling on my heart and mind.

journal 2

 I like to take pictures. I have never been taught the proper techniques when it comes to cameras, but I learn best through trial and error.


 I REALLY like design. For me. My family. Never thought beyond our walls I would help others create their own space. No formal training. (see a pattern?) However, LOTS of passion and faith combined with encouragement from people I love and respect has gently thrust me into starting a small design business here in Nashville.

chair 1

 I have some things that I would die on a sword for.


Beliefs that over time have made a permanent home in my heart.

Following are a few:

I stand firmly on the Faith that found me many years ago. My intent is to reflect that in all I say and do.


My husband.

I cannot imagine doing life apart from this guy. We have learned the value of walking through life focused on the God who we believe brought us together and who is the foundation of our relationship.

It is this priority and focus that has given us the stamina to stay the course through the many trials and challenges that have come our way. Keeping our marriage as the primary focus in our family has given us depth and strength of purpose as our love for one another continues to grow.

Nothing about this has been easy or intuitive.

I am burdened to share and walk along side young couples in an effort to encourage them in the areas of marriage and intimacy.



family 5

My heart is full as I look at this picture, as it reflects their relationships with each other so well.

Close. Silly. And lots in between.

I had the privilege of staying home with my kids. The challenge to pour my heart and soul into their sweet spirits while maintaining my own identity was an immense challenge.

Many days I found myself wondering who I was, and hoping there was more beyond the diaper and the timeout chair.

Longing to share with young moms the things I learned, often times through failure.


Daily I sit at this desk writing, praying, designing, creating, dreaming about all of the above pieces and how they might fit together in a cohesive constructive manner that would ultimately bring





This is my desire for Trot. To do this in a manner that is not self righteous. That is applicable. That speaks candidly, honestly.

With humor. And depth.

How does this look?

No clue.

Trial and Error.

The story of my life.

Stay tuned.

4 responses to “Finding my voice.”

  1. Hello! I found you on Instagram and have been following you for a while now. I loved your post, I too love Jesus and married with children, four under the age of 9! I am new to the blogging world, and hope to create something my girls would like to be a part of sometime in the future. Just wanted to let you know that what ever you do, I will be a fan!! Good luck in the future and can’t wait to see what happens next!

  2. Hi Sarah-Marie!

    I so appreciate your kind words. I am sure your girls will love what you create, and how cool that you have them in mind as you work and blog! Best of luck to you, looking forward to your blog!


  3. As always, Colleen I enjoy “your voice.” Your faith is an example to many, your view of marriage and parenting is something I can also relate to. I stayed home with my children, a choice I will never-ever-ever regret. I went from caring for them and emptying my nest to then caring for my parents. As an only child it was daunting but such an honor care for them through their illness and then let them go into God’s loving arms. As I slowly re-group and find out who I am now. No longer the care taker but someone who has been fortunate to seek new choices. I have always had an immense passion for design and antiques. So I too am, all be it very slowly into seeing what I might do with this passion. I enjoy reading your words and seeing your lovely photos. And I am always lifted by your journals. Thank you for sharing, Colleen. I am inspired and encourage and timidly stepping out bit by bit.

  4. As always, Barb, I so appreciate your kind and thoughtful words, and your willingness to share them! I am excited for you in this new stage of life, and I am sure you are as well. Love to hear the things you are doing and learning as you step out in faith!!



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