1001 Vintage

This Lithograph “Greece” may be mine. Hoping to travel their one day. Until then, this will have to do.

Lots O goodies I found this week while both working AND relaxing. Funny how sometimes those two over lap.

Etsy – oh how I love thee.

etsy 1


Beautiful laser cut birch wood, Sarah offers these pieces in multiple finishes and designs. I will be purchasing shortly.

etsy 1

1001 vintage

I could spend way too much time perusing this seemingly endless collection of mid century goodness. Ships from Amsterdam.

Great resource if you are looking for these unique pieces in mint condition.

etsy 1

Warfield Supply

These bags are made right here in Nashville. I have been looking for a way to justify a purchase, as I do NOT need another bag.


Birthday? Mother’s Day?


Gaia handbags

Purchase for a purpose pieces that are unique and beautifully hand crafted.

I have carried mine multiple times, and have had it for only a short time.

No brainer.


Hex boxes

The Evie group is an award winning design studio located in Australia. They offer a range of services within product and graphic design.

Love these sweet boxes.

Deciding on my favorite color groupings…

Just a

few finds I wanted to share with you. Let me know what you think!!

Happy Monday.

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