No lectures. No judgement. Just honest discourse.  Sharing of thoughts.  Convictions.  I was leaving the gym this morning and approaching was a gentleman that I frequently see working out. He is in a wheel chair mostly, has limited mobility getting to and from machines and works very hard. Focused. Undaunted.  He has always been on a machine when I see him, but not today.  He was walking towards me as I was leaving.  As I approached him, my thoughts went something like this:  look down.  look to the left.  grab your phone.  should i say hi?  should i…???  I am being very candid. My struggle is often the same regardless of who I am passing, for a variety of reasons. Busy. Distracted. Focused on other things.  Just don’t want to take the time to connect. Or smile. Or whatever. It was not this gentleman’s physical challenges (not totally honest. maybe a little) that caused me such consternation (did I just use that word?) but rather my disposition.  I think I am in general pretty friendly.  But whether by habit or a general sense of culture and folks often exhibiting the same vibe, sending off the same signals, I tend to just keep moving, changing lanes later.

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Not today.  In the millisecond of my embarrassing, ridiculous train of thought,  I looked him square in the eyes and smiled. His response completely changed the trajectory (thank GOD for spellcheck) of my day.   Enormous smile.  Melted my heart. Convicted me to the CORE.  I really do believe, teach my kids, share with anyone who will listen that life is about people. It is why we were created. To relate. On many varying levels. Life is too short, don’t miss opportunities to make an impact or be impacted.  most often it’s just the little things.   Jumped up on my soapbox for just a second.  Jumping off.  Make eye contact.  Smile.  Even when you do not want to.  Do it anyway!   ok, now i’m jumping off.

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