Arne Jacobsen Swan Chairs.


Not feeling the need to say much here, as they speak for themselves. Iconic. Costly. Design longevity. Relevant. A piece, if I owned one or four, I would name lifers. This piece, I mean. Just look at it.

swan 12

Great space, like the lighter leather here. White floors really are awesome. If we buy a lake house, I am almost (for sure) going to lacquer them white.

swan 8

Look at that tall ashtray! Love the light fixture. Great pieces, all of them.

swan 9

Just staring.

swan 2

Those floors.

swan 10

I like this the more I stare. A lot.

Design with great mixes of textures, eras, styles,  are the MOST appealing to me, especially in neutrals, as I think they are the MOST challenging to pull off.

swan 4

Dark and stormy and moody.

swan 11

Crisp. Clean. Bright.


swan 3

Pure Mid Century goodness.


I am now on a mission. To find the most affordable set of swans I can possibly find. May happen this weekend. May not happen till I am 65. Lord willing, I will hunt you down.



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