First impressions matter. A lot. My husband has valued the importance of teaching our kids this principle: Look people straight in the eyes. Firm handshake. Smile. Engage. Be personable. Real. Authentic. I think these principles are to be applied when designing your entryway..because first impressions matter. A lot.

Our entryway needs work.  Following are some images that I am so intrigued and inspired by. Will post pics of our entryway soon.  Note: 1. lighting. 2. floating shelves. 3. wallpaper..? 4. less or more? 5. tables.

entryway 12



entryway 3

entryway 4


entryway 7



entryway way 14

entryway 20

images// la dolce vita/apartment therapy/blissful blog/lonny/domino/pinterest

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