Anybody do this? Root through old Domino issues? Now that we are able to study these images on the internet, I am doomed. Hours I could spend tracking down my favorites.

So much beauty. And guts.

dom 30

Following is their manifesto, clearly articulated in their first issue:


  • Home should make you happy
  • We swear by the 3 R’s: Repaint, Repaper, Reupholster
  • Steal ideas from other peoples homes
  • Even the insides of closets and cabinets can be beautiful
  • It’s Ok to not be finished
  • Trust your instincts always!
  • A chandelier is as timeless as a black dress
  • Renters need not be second class citizens
  • Sometimes your mistakes become your greatest inspirations
  • Don’t be afraid to mix styles- (Louis XIV and Saarinen should hangout more)
  • When traveling skip the snapshot and buy something unique for the coffee table
  • Have Fun!!!

Good stuff. Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order…

dom 23

Ahhh the sheep skin. Some are not fans. I am. Especially here, with such a modern edge. This room makes me like orange.

dom 19

Sweet girl. Not necessarily my style (lavender walls!!) BUT I am so incredibly inspired by the mixing of style, color, pieces. Fearless. Much respect.

dom 18

The room that inspired me to actually lacquer the floors in my house. My friends thought I was nuts.

dom 17

To this day, I want a blue velvet couch because of this room.

dom 15

 Tom Delavan. That’s all.

dom 13

One of my favorites. Organic. Mid century. Gorgeous.

dom 7

Love staghorn ferns. I have had several and somehow managed to keep them alive…for a bit.

dom 12

You go Amanda! She first inspired me to consider pink. And that coffee table.

dom 11

Vintage Domino. In every way.

dom 6

These leather beauties. Oh my Good. Ness.  The Sohrs have talent galore.

dom 5

Just staring. I wish I could have walked through this space. No. Rules. Here.

dom 4

Really loved this small but mighty space. Lots to miss if you do not take your time to study.

dom 2

Best bathroom of all time. My opinion. Go Jenna.

dom 1

This space is iconic for me. How can you have SO much going on in one space, and yet have it make good sound design sense? Beats me, but Sara Ruffin Costello nailed it.


Honestly considering a regular series on old Domino spaces. What say you??

Truth is, I needed to study these spaces today. Feeling some insecurity as I throw my hat into the design ring. SO many talented people. But this is where my heart really began to connect with design. Starting with Ruthie Sommers in issue 1.  So inspired today.

Thank you Domino.

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4 responses to “Domino digging.”

  1. Understand the feeling of doubt. Just know that even when you doubt, others are dying to see what you’ve been creating. For real!

    And yes, I have all my dominos…I do visit them and would probably save them in a fire. They are in a room right by my front door…and a window.

    • Laura, your words mean a lot…may need you to live record, and press play every so often to get my words of encouragement!!

      Yea Domino!!

  2. Yes! Everything in these photos and all across those pages of that wonderful magazine feels timeless. Always pushing the edge a bit, always fresh, always memorable. Between magazine thumbing, drooling, leafing and the wonderful black hole- Pinterest oh, and my blog addiction…
    Well, I consider myself doing well if I get dressed somedays! Ha! Thanks for sharing these photos. I failed to keep all of my magazines. I get in a cleaning, neat freak frenzy and donate them. Then regret. Again, that wonderful black hole … you can always find great shots!

    • Appreciate your honest, fun feedback! Yes, there are beautiful ways to “waste time” being inspired! Timeless is a good word for the pages of Domino. Agreed!!


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