Full and thankful for time with Kevin this weekend.

A few pics, but thoughts too:

Invest wisely in your marriage.

BY FAR the best investment you will ever make.

Multiple dividends…

We had a blast.

A great Saturday that I would choose to spend with nobody else…

date 1

Stopped at Whole Foods for a quick juice and off to Barista Parlor’s newest space

Golden Sound.

Hubs does not drink coffee (???!)

But no matter.

Great morning.


Image// StyleBlueprint

After some time kinda sorta working, decided to check out the Farmer’s Market, North of Downtown.

A bit early in the season, but so much fun to check out the place.

We decided to eat at Sloco, one of our favorites in 12 South,

pretty happy to see their sign here.

Delicious, organic, creative sandwiches.

Totally satisfied,

Where to?

Well, while on that side of town…

Peter Nappi of course!

date 4

Beautifully made leather goods.

Inspiring space.

Though no purchases on this visit,

we thoroughly enjoyed making our Christmas wish lists.

Yes, in April.

Continued meandering over into Germantown, one of our favorite spots in Nashville.

A quick visit with Megan at 12th Table, which involved a quick bit of dreaming (!)

and then off we wandered on down to her neighbor’s place –


a place I have been wanting to check out.

date 3

What a treat to get to meet and talk with owners Josh and Ivy, creative husband & wife duo who have curated a modern and unique store featuring goods for the home along with clothing, jewelry and art.

Hated to leave.

Sure to be back.

Maybe for these:

date 2

Oh I like-y.

Heading back home, needing to run errands, decided to visit KC at work.

date 5

This one looks just like her Pops.

So thankful she is down the street…

Only down side to a day away?

date 6

Pup insists on play time.

When she is left alone, upon our arrival, she ALWAYS grabs a dishtowel off of my stove and runs around the house, demanding to be chased.

Tug of war is the grand finale.

MANY MANY towels go through my laundry in a day.

Often full of rips.

Pup and Pops like to play.

Wrapped up the night watching the NBA playoffs in Midtown at



Image // Music City Diner

Great way to end our day.

These are precious times. I try hard not to take them for granted, thankful that the days we get to spend together are a gift. Not everyone can speak about their marriage this way, I know. I come from a broken home, so I know first hand how devastating a broken relationship can be. Thus I treasure this one all the more. It has not always been rainbows and butterflies – quite the contrary – we have worked hard. VERY VERY HARD. Been so very intentional in the early years, prayerfully investing in one another and our kids as we felt God’s leading.

Honestly, some days we look at each other pretty overwhelmed by God’s provision and protection, knowing full well what each of us are capable of.

Humbled and grateful.

Hoping for many more dates with this guy, and if you don’t mind, may just continue to share…

3 responses to “Date day into night.”

  1. Fun filled day with the one you love is always priceless! I love Nashville, although I am thrilled to have my daughter closer now I miss my monthly visits to this town. My son’s girlfriend has moved to Nashville, and I think he will be following soon. So, I will be back. Some of these spots you have highlighted will be added to “my to-do list!” As always, Colleen you posts are a pleasure of eye candy and personal inspiration. I cannot wait to visit “Wilder!’

  2. Thanks Barb! Nothing better than having your daughter close by! I get that for sure!
    You will LOVE Wilder. Great pieces. Owners are a delight.



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