So, we used to live in a barn. Really. We had just finished renovating the home I thought I would be laid to rest in and Sugs caught wind of a crazy property for sale, one he had always been curious about.  Actually, it had been on the market for 3 years. Started way high in price, housing market crashed, and it sat.  And sat. And sat. New price + open house= let’s go see for fun.  Ugh. I had a funny feeling we were gonna do more than look.  Yep. Kevin, way smarter than I will ever be, thinks we can rent our just finished, completely renovated, home of my dreams, and purchase the “barn house”.  So. We did.  My kids were over the moon, so was hubs. I came along slowly.  I figured they were family, so well what were my options really? We updated the house(post on that soon) and honestly did very little to the barn.  After being in the house for about a year, we landed in Lonny Magazine.  Nuts. Humbling. Exhilarating. Plain old crazy fun.


This barn is a very very special place.  Over 100 years old, it was purchased, taken down piece by piece, moved to the property, and rebuilt, piece by piece.  Three years to put back together again. Barn raising, truly. It was owned by David Russell, a well known tour director for REM, Janet Jackson, Cher, B52’s, Bon Jovi…the list goes on.

barn two

For Russell, this space was built to host his friends and family after the tours/concerts ended.  Those friends often included the bands he was currently on tour with. Cookouts were his thing, and we heard some amazing stories about those who came and went.

barn three

house barn 7


For the Lockes,it was much the same-minus celebrities. Unforgettable memories. This space was NEVER empty. Entire soccer and volleyball teams (zach, kc, ben) hanging out after practices, games, etc.(thank goodness for large crockpots). A few rehearsal dinners. Bridal showers. Baby showers. Bible studies. Friends of ours started a business in the loft (post to come on their amazing company). Retreats. Pre-dance pics were always here. Various forms of volleyball, soccer tennis, etc.  Family camp.  Cousins camp. Bonfires. Barn sales. To name a few.




barn 8

barn 10

barn 11

barn 12




barn sale 1

Blessed.  I do not use that term lightly. No question God put us in that place for a season. Thank you God.

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