Here is where we had some fun decorating!  The barn, as  I mentioned in the first post, was left alone, other than adding lighting and furniture.  The cape cod style home, which  was original to the property needed plenty of updating.  We started by stripping all the floors and painting the hardwood super white, using gymnasium paint.  When I say “we”  I mean “they”..this was a job for the professionals.

Here is our entryway off the garage…one of my favorite rooms in the entire house!  Our dog, Chaya loved sleeping on that settee.

house barn 3

Ok, here actually is my absolute favorite room:  My office.  We lacquered the pine paneling black.  I would do this in every house if I had “the room”  to do it in.  So comfortable, cozy and striking.  Everything and everybody looks good in black!

house barn 8

The  Cole & Sons wallpaper in front entryway? Another favorite. Oh and the herringbone tabletop. Sold that. Not sure why..


 I purchased the candlestick and brackets from Anthropologie.  Had a piece of glass made:  Easy. Peasy. Mantle. I repeat: LOVED this room.

house barn 2

house barn 5

 This was a fun space to design.  Wallpaper on the ceiling really makes for great conversation, but it also blurs lines.  The house did not have much character, average ceiling heights, no built ins, etc. so for me this nice white space gave me lots of options. Some of my favorite pieces are in this room!

house barn 1

house barn 12

house barn 11

Love these chalices.

house barn 4

Simple. comfy. sleepy. cozy.

Thanks for taking a peek at one of the most memorable homes we have lived in.  Such a special place. Memories that are lasting, and hoping the current family is enjoying this space as much as we did!

images//Patrick Cline/Lonny

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