I truly believe God has given us all a particular passion for some “thing” that gives us great pleasure, and mine happens to be design.

Trot: “to bring forward for use or display”


That sums up, in a most simplistic way, what this website is all about. Design. Found pieces. Family. Life. Food. Art. Travel. Topics familiar to all, but hopefully shared in a unique and compelling way. That is the short story. Read the q and a for more details…

Why Blog?

For the last many years, I have had the privilege of raising three incredible kids as a stay at home mom, while at the same time refurbishing several homes (we have moved a lot) opening a brick and mortar vintage home store (now closed)  landing in a few amazing shelter magazines (hard to believe, truly!) now entering a new season in life as an empty nester (love you hubby) in a new city (NASHVILLE!!)  with time and LOTS of things on my heart to share.  Family. Design. Travel. Food. Life. Etc.  I am no expert in any of these areas, but I am very passionate about them ALL!  I often (almost always) learn through trial and error, and at a minimum, Trot will be a place for me to process the journey thus far…


Why design?

In all candor, it is almost always on my mind. It seems to me most everyone has that “thing” which is especially inspiring. Food, clothing, gardening, design, athletics, math, art, music, science, etc. I truly believe God has given us all a particular passion for some “thing” that gives us great pleasure, and mine happens to be design.





People.  That is my honest answer.  You can have beautiful, impeccably designed space, but if it is empty, it is lifeless.  People enjoying each other and being inspired by their surroundings makes a space Great. Complete. Comfortable. Unique. Special.

What to expect from reading Trot?

Expect to see authenticity from all perspectives.  I am good at some things, not so good at others, and my hope is to be real in sharing both!  Inspiration will come from people places and things, and my desire is to have good honest positive discourse on topics that I hope will resonate with many!

A few words about my family…

My love for family is fierce. I am married to the love of my life, Kevin, twenty-three years strong.  My heart is full and grateful for this. My kids, Zach 20, KC 19, and Ben 17, are my treasures. Oh, and our 5 year old Newfy, Chaya..love sometimes not so much love relationship with pup, for SURE. You will get to know them if you spend any time reading Trot!  All this crazy beautiful love comes from the God of the universe, who makes ALL things beautiful in His time and who I trust to establish the work of my hands.