I have an idea.

I want to tell stories. Rather, share stories. True stories. About people and their stories. Stories that are full of great narratives and characters and challenges and triumphs and failures, climaxes and trials and adventures. Why go to the movies when there is story all around? People live great amazing crazy stories. Over-comers. Sojourners who have determined to take hold of their story and live it out loud. Not perfect. Not always pretty. But with honesty and purpose and conviction.

Truth be told, it is not simply telling a great story concerning this, that or the other,  but rather, LIVING a GREAT story. And what interests me most about a person’s story?


The idea of story and living a great one is not original. Several authors have written about this topic. And done it quite well.

However, my hope is to dive into the reality of how HOME plays a major role in shaping our story. As someone who is passionate about design – my husband says on the regular “I have never known ANYONE so impacted by space as you are!” -this piece of story is very compelling to me.  Our family has purchased and renovated 7 homes. Oh the stories… the journey has been incredible…not always rainbows and butterflies, but never a dull moment to be sure.

To be clear, my intent is not to write only about the pretty. We are all broken, in some way shape or form. This leads to imperfect homes, imperfect families. I come from a broken home, plenty of drama to go around. BUT. I am who I am as a result of growing up in our house in Bay Village, Ohio. I love and cherish my not so perfect family and the home my parents worked hard to create and make comfortable for us – when it was NOT so easy. We will be talking about ALL that goes into HOME. The good. The bad. The ugly.

On top of writing about HOME shaping our story, there is another element to my agenda… an underlying truth that has resonated with me for a long time and it is this:  God’s instruction to REMEMBER. From Genesis to Revelation, He admonishes us to never forget Him. His work, His presence, His faithfulness.

I take this to heart, because I forget. Disremembering. Fading memories become hard to recollect. So my hope in Story writing is two-fold: to chronicle for my family and friends our lives and all that we have walked through together, while also sharing the story of other’s lives – as we learn best from one another.

This idea has been churning in my spirit for quite some time. Prayerful that it will entertain, encourage and ultimately exhort you to take a closer look at your story. Is it the one you want to be living? We do have a choice when it comes to our story. Narratives will change, some characters will come and go, places will vary and morph, as circumstances ebb and flow, but what I hope resonates with you is this: Everyone’s story matters and has immense value. There is no one right story, for certain, BUT when we choose not to embrace the life we have been given and fail to live it powerfully and with purpose? We all lose.

I believe this to my core.

To be clear, my view point is this: I believe our Creator has made us for relationship with Him and each other. All for  His glory, pleasure and purpose.  Everything that I share will be from this perspective and I am unashamed and unabashed to write accordingly. My intent is NOT to dissuade or convert or the like, but rather to share honestly and with candor how I see the world. Just one perspective. To be sure, I will speak truthfully and with love.

That being said, it is Story telling time…


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