Miranda Brooks and Bastien Halard’s Brooklyn Home.

And it has been a while.

Computer problems are a gift and a curse, right? Leaves you stranded, but also a nice break…

This Saturday morning my brain is filled to the fullest with design schemes for both client projects and Surrey Hill.

Living at the lake house this summer has me in a state of on going vacation mode – this can be a bit dangerous, as I do have a job, and I am not on a perpetual holiday.

¬†Nashville is a treasure to me, and I love being in the midst of all the creativity, but the quietness and slowness of pace out here…


The only thing that has me restless is the desire to get my hands on this space. We have decided to live here for a year, heading into town for work and play, before we actually start renovating.

This is wise.




lake 4

Roman and WIlliams home on Montauk has been a major influencer as I have dreamt about this space.

I have a year, so who knows where we will land in terms of design plans.

For now

I dream.

This morning I want to walk through a house with you that I am really intrigued by. A bit outside my wheel house, but so incredibly quaint.

More feminine than what I was originally thinking for Surrey Hill.

sat 1

Brooklyn home of Miranda Brooks and Bastien Halard.

Almost always I prefer white walls.

Well, always.

This light robin’s egg blue, though…

Concrete fireplace surround.


How comfortable and simple and inviting.

sat 9

Cute story. Their daughter is having an Alice in Wonderland birthday party, thus the outfit

and the pony.

But it is the kitchen that has me smitten. I believe all cabinetry are drawers.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

No uppers for me.

sat 3

Here is a secret:

I LOVE baths.

I struggle with sleep, it is very elusive, and baths have always been a part of my evening routine.

If I could have one crazy dreamy room in the house it would be


One large room with a wonderfully large tub.

Comfy chair/s




I dream.

sat 7

Perfect balance of feminine & masculine.

As a bedroom should be.

The addition of organic pieces in all of their rooms I really like.

Earthy vibe.

sat 6

This is also a part of the Master bedroom. Halard, an architect, designed the settee.

Love the combination here of hard modern lines of sofa + feminine vintage silhouette of their sweet chairs flanking the beautimous fireplace.

sat 2


I am very much all about the wallpaper.

So many good choices and options, so the challenge will not be IF but rather

HOW to choose?!

sat 4

There also happens to be a carriage house on the property which they have converted to their personal office space.

Perhaps the most striking thing to me about their home is the well curated pieces in each room.

No clutter. Everything seems to have purpose – function and form.

This lends to a very simple aesthetic that I really like and admire –

striking that balance is not easy.

I think they have done this brilliantly.


sat 10

Brooks is a landscape designer.

What a beautiful special garden.

An incredible collaboration by husband and wife, reflecting great design, using every inch of this amazing home so creatively.

I am enamored.

Looking forward to linking arms with hubby as we consider all the possibilities of our very simple 1960’s ranch home nestled on Old Hickory Lake.

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