56 College Street, Hudson Ohio


 Look what I found!!

 My first “portfolio” of a renovation we did many years ago of a 150 year old cottage in Hudson, Ohio.


Learned a lot about gutting, reconstructing and modernizing old spaces. The pictures are fuzzy, as I took pictures of pictures..!

That’s ok, you get the picture.


Here was our entry, most likely would have been a parlor.

I made it my office. I found very very old wall paper (hard to see) that I used in my book shelves. All time favorite. Wish I would have kept a roll.

The horse lamp was my inspiration for my vintage home store, Trot. The name remains, but I sold the lamp when we moved to Nashville.

Always some sort of round object in any and often ALL rooms.

Those floors. Oh they were gorgeous. We stripped them to their original color. Just put a colorless finish, wax like, to protect them.


Kevin was very very confused by this choice of wallpaper.

And the light.

Both great finds. The light was an old fixture from a bank in central Ohio. Wallpaper, Ebay find. Also a favorite room of mine.

Peeking beyond the french doors was a screened in porch.

Much time spent out there, especially Friday nights in the Fall. We lived close to the Middle School where Hudson played football.

The band, the fans, all could be heard sitting on that porch.




 Beautiful tile, concrete counter tops, this very old table from Burma, found on line.

Oh my goodness, amazing memories in this teeny tiny space. We made the most of every single inch.



My very sweet friend, Laura, took all of these pictures. The story goes something like this:

Laura and I were both HUGE Domino fans. Big. Huge. Fans.

She felt that this house was worth sharing with their editors. I was not nearly as confidant, but, well that’s what friends are for, right?!

She sent these pictures to the Magazine, an editor came for a visit and, on the spot, said Domino would love to shoot the house. YAY!

Unfortunately a few weeks later, I received a call from them expressing their sadness and disappointment, but that Domino was closing their doors.

Sad face.


  However, it was the first real “nudge” for me to consider that maybe I had some sort of skill in the area of design, specifically with found pieces. Happily a stay at home mama with a degree in Psychology, I had no clue what that might mean.

A few years later, I took an enormous step of faith, and opened TROT HOME, a vintage store featuring found treasures I had collected over the years.

Crazy, scary, fun – and rewarding, all at the same time.



I loved reupholstering chairs. This was a favorite.

Oh, that hanging chair. That was my kiddos’ favorite.



  Our master, super cozy and comfy. Cole & Son paper.


Loved turquoise, and this paper. These sweet sconces, chandelier and antler sconce I found at local flea market.

 I have long loved lighting.


Sweet little vignette. Vintage wallpaper in our entryway.

What fun to look at this special home. So many memories a home helps create.

It is also fun for me to see how many pieces I still have, things that have made their way from home to home.


I am getting MUCH better at spotting them.

Thanks for joining me on this nostalgic walk back to College street.

Thanks Laura, for capturing this space so well!

Made my day!

12 responses to “56 College St.”

  1. What a lovely home. Obviously created with much love and thought. I enjoyed the story of how your career in design began. What a great compliment, DOMINO! Such a wonderful friend you have, giving you that extra push and encouragement. And it all led to a career using a gift and a passion! Thanks for sharing. -B

  2. Hi Colleen,
    Crazy question – do you have a son named Hudson? Did I read that right? I have one named Hudson – that would just be too crazy??? We may have even more in common than I realized:-) Still love your vintage meets modern style and your blog!

  3. Yay, you found the pictures! I think of the Lockes every time I pass this home! It was a truly special place and took my breath away the first time I saw it at the Charis Christmas party you hosted. I love how you describe getting better at spotting the “lifer” pieces that will make their way from home to home. I am always trying to get better at that, too, as taste and style evolves.

    • I love College Street! Wonder if you will make your in to downtown Hudson?! Thanks for taking good care to preserve those pictures. SO thankful:) xoxo

  4. Hi Sister,
    Was checking out your fabulous web site today and came across College Street. Lots of great memories in that house for sure! Love the site and love you too.

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