It has been a while.

So good to be back.

A new year lends itself to new beginnings, new challenges, new goals and the like. As I look forward, after reflecting on what has already been, a renewed sense of focus – refined and simplified – has settled in my soul. 2016 was a wonderful year, spent primarily renovating our lake home –

Surrey Hill Point.

I still find it hard to believe we have such a place! A gift that we long to share.

With intention.

Seeking opportunities to use this space for whatever purposes God has in store. Palms up, holding on loosely to what we have been given, I look forward to this upcoming year as being one of continued Service.



Specifics in process. For now, just know our hearts are yielded to the One to whom our hearts belong.

*yes my gutter needs to be cleaned and there is an empty pot on the porch…

Along with all the happenings at SHP,  I have felt a strong compulsion to write.

I miss it.

Instagram has been a great way to stay connected and maintain conversation with so many incredible people. However, I long for deeper connection. We were made for it.


With a renewed sense of purpose and a litany of things to share, this will be my prayer and focus for 2017 –

Fearless Courage.

Fully yielded to where God has me.

For His plans, and His purposes.

My story He continues to write. The same is true for you. Here’s to the Story of 2017.

Both yours and mine.

14 responses to “2017”

  1. I’m so happy you’re blogging again! I miss your posts and love seeing what’s new and where your brain is with things. I’m sure the perfect opportunities to serve will present themselves at the perfect time! Best wishes for an abundant 2017!

  2. I love the sentiment and strive for the same things with our home! I want others to feel at home here because it’s God’s house, not ours anyway. So glad you’ll be writing again. He’s gifted you such a wonderful voice!

  3. So much inspiration here… both from your home (as always!) and your heart. Thank you, thank you for being true to you and for the vulnerable way you share that just gets to the real stuff. Love it. Can relate to so much you’ve shared here, and am inspired to seek God’s heartbeat more in HIS desire for our home.

    • Katie, thank you for your words. I look so forward to linking arms with you and others as we journey through this year. What a privilege, really!

  4. So glad you are blogging again! I love reading your blog because the words encourage my soul and the images inspire me.

    • Oh Elisabeth that truly is my hope! So glad you feel that way. Looking forward to sharing this upcoming year with you!!

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