A few days ago, while I was (supposed to be) working on the new website, finalizing my business plan, I started multi-tasking (ADD)  casually perusing Pinterest, Instagram, etc  (DANGER DANGER DANGER) which led me to a small renovation (absolutely positively NO TIME for this). Well. Renovation is a bit of an overstatement, but I did end up at Ace Hardware…and…


a few purchases later…


 I was ready for a new, unplanned, totally unexpected project. You just learned all you need to know about me:)

 I have been trying to find a place to store our firewood, and after a few attempts at baskets and such, I stumbled across a few very inspiring images:

fire 4

The upside of open shelving (for me) is being subtly forced to stay clutter free and somewhat organized. Trust me you do NOT want to open any closet door in my home. Out of sight out of mind a million miles away.

wood 20

And thus began my new out of nowhere DIY project.


Off with the cabinet doors. Sanded, but no hole filler, yet. Need to make sure I like this whole look.



On the last door, one of the screws was stripped. Ugh. After googling, I found this tip:

“Another simple method is to use a Phillips screw driver that is slightly too big for the hole.  Push down hard and tilt the Phillips at a slight angle and turn.  For a minorly stripped screw, this often works.” FYI.


 It did.


Painted over the hinged area. Spackle to come, if we are a go. Chords will be hidden behind wood. Right?






 Looking good, I think…other than the mess…


 Found this little piece of Appalachia here in Nashville. Love it.



Always a little re-arranging when project-ing. Finished product.


If we can maintain the “mess” of wood, stay bug free, mice free, and whatever else free, it will have been a worthwhile, spur of the moment, non thinking, impulsive, inexpensive. creative DIY. Fingers crossed.

images//colleen locke//pinterest

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